The Nuclear AMRC is developing new UK demand models for the nuclear sector, to map future contract opportunities and match manufacturers with relevant work packages.

We worked with the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) to create a prototype model of future demand for UK nuclear manufacturing. The model will help manufacturers identify work packages which they can bid for, and allow R&D and support to be focused on areas of the greatest value to the UK supply chain.

The initial project, launched in late 2017, focused on particular commodity requirements for a representative new build project. The modelling methodology can be extended to cover the full range of commodities and components for the new build programme, as well as the requirements of the decommissioning and submarine programmes.

virtual demand model

We can also combine demand model data with virtual models of complete reactor systems, to create an interactive and intuitive tool for supply chain development.

We have created and demonstrated a prototype system combining a generic reactor design with historic market information. The detailed 3D virtual model allows the reactor to be broken down into its sections, components and commodity types, and identifies suppliers capable of producing each system.

Our longer-term aim is to integrate the visualisation tool with real reactor designs, current information on supply chain capability and capacity, and updated demand model data. This would help developers, suppliers and other stakeholders to understand specifications, identify potential supply chain partners, and showcase domestic involvement in new build projects.